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A Little More About Koch Leather Company

Koch Leather started in 2012 during a search for a leather wallet. After visiting stores and malls, we decided that maybe making the wallet ourselves might be the way to go. We grabbed a few scraps of leather from a local craft store, a razor knife from the garage, a cutting board from the kitchen, a pattern from the Internet, and wah-la, we had our first leather wallet. Today, this quest for a good wallet has grown into a small business.

We really love the creative process. Leather work is fun and good for the soul. Crafting something with tools, by hand, requires creativity and problem solving. It takes you away from the distractions of life, and when you are done you have something to give away or sell. One rule we adhere to at Koch Leather is that simple is better. We don't make big, fat Dad wallets or sew numerous pockets onto our bags. Keeping design simple helps us keep costs down and get our stuff shipped in a timely manner. This is good for you.

Our line of products is almost entirely made up of products our customers have requested. We take a little here, add a little there, and make it all nice and tidy. After all, our customers know best what they want! Our goods simple, useful, well made, and look great with just about any outfit. Likewise, we search out quality materials that can take a beating.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or special requests. You can email us at josh@kochleather.com, check us out on Instagram (kochleatherco), or visit our Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kochleather
Josh and Jen Koch
Colossians 3:23

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