Belt Sizing Instructions

The best way for us to get the most accurate belt size is for you to measure a belt you currently own from the hole used most to where the leather attaches to the buckle. Here's a picture for you:

Measure Your Waist

If you are buying a belt for the first time, well done! You can still get an accurate measurement by measuring your waist where you would wear a belt. You might need to put on pants for this. We'll wait. This measurement will be slightly larger than your pant size, so don't panic. 

Using Your Pant Size

If you are purchasing a belt for someone you love, you can give us a pant size (something like 34 or 38) and we will do our best. Usually we can add two inches to that measurement and get pretty close. If you can sneak into their closet to measure a belt they already use without getting caught, bravo!

If you need more info, please email us at

Happy leathering and thanks for choosing KL Co.!


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