About Our Leather

When Koch Leather Co. began, the only leather we knew came from a bag of scraps from the local arts and crafts store. Since then, we have worked with countless brands and different methods of tanning (we don't actually tan the leather, someone else does). It was only a matter of time, but, of course, we finally settled on Horween Leather from Chicago and Hermann Oak Leather in St. Louis, Missouri. Below you'll find more information about both companies.

Horween Leather Company

There are very few perfect leathers out there. In our opinion, Horween leather is just about as close as we've come to finding one. We use mainly Horween Chromexcel, English tan Dublin, Natural Dublin, and occasionally Buccaneer for our products. They come in a variety of colors, and, except for the Dublin leathers which are veg-tanned, all others are chrome-tanned leather. The smell and feel of Horween Leather will knock your socks off.

Hermann Oak Leather

There's something about straight veg-tanned leather that makes our products look extra cool. Veg-tanned leather has a special feel, smell, and aging process, and for this, Hermann Oak is our choice. Tanned just right, no other veg leather comes close.